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  • Aaliyah Cortez, who works as a server and bartender at a sports bar in Texas, posted a video to TikTok of her $9.28 paycheck.
  • She said it was the net amount of money she earned for working over 70 hours, not including tips.
  • In the clip, Cortez stresses the importance of tipping people in the service industry.
  • The video, which has gone viral and received nearly 100,000 likes, is opening up a broader discussion online about the realities of working in the service industry.
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今日双色球开奖结果 www.xnzvqg.com.cn Bartender and server Aaliyah Cortez is opening up a discussion about the realities of working in the service industry, thanks to a TikTok video she uploaded of her paycheck on January 28.

Cortez's video has since received nearly 100,000 likes and thousands of comments on the platform.?


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