a large clock mounted to the side ? Couresy of F. Hinds
  • As Valentine's Day approaches, this brainteaser from jewelry retailer F. Hinds challenges readers to find a hidden engagement ring in a sea of watches.
  • It takes 13 seconds on average to find the hidden ring. Think you can do better?

今日双色球开奖结果 www.xnzvqg.com.cn Valentine's Day is just around the corner and that means people will be looking for the perfect engagement ring for their partner. But if you're not ready for a big commitment or to drop thousands of dollars, you can still search for the perfect ring in this new brain-teasing puzzle.

Jewelry retailer F. Hinds created a puzzle just in time for the holiday by hiding an engagement ring in a sea of colorful watches.

On average, it takes people 13 seconds to find the ring. Think you can do better? Give it a shot below.

a group of people posing for the camera ? Couresy of F. Hinds

Have you found it yet?

If you look closely, you might be able to spot it.

Do you need a hint?

The ring is actually hidden behind one of the watches.

Still can't find it?

Keep scrolling for the answer.

Here's where the engagement ring was hiding.

a group of people posing for the camera ? Courtesy of F. Hinds

If you were able to find the engagement ring in under 13 seconds, test yourself by playing some other games of the heart with these Valentine's Day brainteasers.?

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