今日双色球开奖结果 www.xnzvqg.com.cn The owner of a local pool restoration company—who spent 15 years in the Marines—is making it his life’s mission to give back to fellow veterans.

In tonight’s Those Who Serve, I want to introduce you to ?Michael Sandoval, who’s helping a Navy corpsman who was shot in the head by sniper fire while on a mission with a Navy SEAL team in Iraq.?

When Michael Sandoval heard Holly Kotke’s story, he knew he had to help the best way he knows how. Sandoval decided he’d donate a new pool to help with Holly’s therapy. ?

“Words can’t even explain it or come close to what this lady deserves—to what our veterans deserve," said Sandoval.

For Holly Kotke, the past eight years have not been easy. She took a sniper’s bullet to the back of the head, nearly taking the Navy corpsman’s ability to see and walk. ?

But despite any challenges life has brought, she’s always felt blessed, especially on a day like today.?

"I feel really good. I feel overwhelmed and blessed to have this, to be surrounded by people who are supportive of not only me and my daughter but the entire military," said Kotke, who spent 14 years in the Navy.

This pool, built with the help of several Valley contractors, includes a spa, new landscaping and a reminder of why this project means so much.

"I feel blessed we’ve had the opportunity to be a part. We don’t feel like we chose the project. We feel like, being a faith-based company, the project was brought to us," said Mark Gabbard with Sunburst Landscaping.

"I mean, this is years in the making. It goes beyond customer relationships. We're a family here," said Wade Taylor, whose company Site One Landscaping donated many of the materials for the pool.

“Incredible opportunity, really. Toro Company loves the chance to be in the community working directly with veterans," said Paul Tammelleo with Toro, who helped with the landscaping.

Holly says she doesn’t regret serving her country or what happened on that fateful day. Kotke says she never asked for help, but that it’s nice to know there are fellow veterans like Michael Sandoval and people who are willing to give so much to those who’ve served.?

“Knowing what I used to do and where I was, it’s not forgotten," Kotke said.

"Holly is God sent, to go what she went through and still be here today. It is our great honor to bless her because she’s blessed us," said Sandoval.

Michael Sandoval and the entire team of contractors say they plan on donating another pool remodel to a deserving veteran.

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